•A clear definition of what the whole project is trying to accomplish.

The team would try to bring out a peer review of how Art and artistic sensibilities have a positive effect in shaping our life. Develop a better understanding of life…

• Overall plan for the project, listing the main things you will do in each stage or part of the project.
1. Identifying the presence of Art in the simplest things at home and in the surroundings.
2. How artistically inclined mind can be a boon to the society. Interaction with Artists, Educators, peers and with people from varied walks of life. To get a first hand expression of different mindset of people at different levels and status.
3. Conduct surveys through online networking and personal interaction with students, teachers and parents.
4. Field trips to Artistic activities in the city and meet artists and also see exhibitions of Art.
5. Conduct an interview with a renowned Artist/ Art Educators or a personality from the Visual & Performing Arts.
6. Click images during the entire project development stage of artistically importance.

•A list of the key resources you will use and what students will create or do in the project activities.

The key resources that the students used during the making of the project are:
1. Digital Photography & Imaging
2. Video Camera
3. Editing software available, eg. Microsoft Movie Maker.
4. Use Microsoft Photostory 3, for compiling Digital images into a Video presentation.  Microsoft Research Auto Collage 2008 to create collages.
5. Library resources
6. Online resources, Wikipedia, Google
7. Use Survey monkey to create survey online.
8. Scanner
9. Conduct interviews with personalities from varied walks of life.

• Plan for how the student work will be evaluated
Use of Rubrics. Summative & Formative assessments may also be used. However more emphasis will be review meetings which will be conducted frequently and make necessary additions and alterations.

• Expected student learning outcomes
1. Learn the values of life.
2. Develop a positive attitude towards Nature.
3. Shun the destructive behaviour in adolescents (as they are) with inclination towards artistic activities and develop creativity.
4. Respect the beautiful nature around
5. Get a positive impact of Artistic atmosphere that would help the child to look at life in a different level of sensibility.

• Curriculum goals and learning standards covered
Art Education and ICT

Challenge the stress with creativity
• 21st century skills students will apply in the project
Cross-Cultural Understanding:
Critical Thinking
Self Direction

•How will this project impact the class, school, community or world?
The project will create an awareness that Artistic sensibilities are to be nourished and encouraged at home, school and society.
Our society is complete only when we have a balance between induced mechanical resources and creativity inclined resources. A healthy society not only need good number of technocrats, medical professionals and machines but also need Artists, Writers and the performing Arts to emerge as a complete, rich and healthy society with a rich Vibrant Mind, Body & Soul.

The project’s essential problem, question or issue:
How important is Art in our life? How does Art have a positive effect in shaping our life?