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  1. Art is everywhere influencing us on daily basis . It is playing very important role in improving my ability to learn and I also believe that each and everyone need art in their life .So ,they can observe that art help I’m many things like
    1) In school they provide us music ,drawing and creative writing .
    2) Some people who stay at home they can also enjoy art by natural things .
    3 ) It increase self-awareness in people life .
    4) It helps to inspired people .

  2. Art is integral in our culture because it provides us with a deeper understanding of emotions,self-awareness,and more.The following are all reasons why I believe everyone needs art in their lives:-
    a) It is a natural part of us.
    b) Records the emotions of society.
    c) Helps us achieve a better self-awareness.
    d) Encourages critical thinking and better communication.
    e) Bridges the gap between cultures.
    f) Improves our daily lives.

  3. Art adds colors to our imagination . It soothes our mind and eyes that takes us away from the world of pain of our day to day happenings . Color panorama is indeed a wonderful venture.

  4. …Life is all about experience and expression. I believe art is indeed a basic need in present e-generation to identify , explore and express oneself in a self evolving system . I wish this endeavor all the best and hope this would help every individual in their journey of realization of life.

  5. Congratulations!Kudos to your efforts for bringing art once again into our life and making it more colourful.It’s important because India has always been known for its art and culture……

  6. Dearest Deb Sir
    Big congratulations to you and your team members for this wonderful project. This project reminded me that a world without colours would be as drab and as monotonous as a diamond without its mesmerizing reflections and refractions. We often tend to forget that a diamond is just a piece of coal with one real big difference. A diamond shows us the colours of the rainbow and that’s what makes it so magical. Life cannot be without colours. Well to tell the truth, life can be, but it won’t be a rainbow after the rain, it won’t be the sparkle of the diamond adorning the beautiful bride, it won’t be the swaying of the coloured flowers in the panorama of soothing spring, it won’t be the twinkling of the stars hanging from the night sky, it won’t be the blue of the sky, it won’t be the dark of the night, it won’t be the warm glow of the sun, it won’t be the soft radiance of the powdered child, it won’t be the deep dark green of the ancient forest, it won’t be the gushing red blood of the tiger’s kill. Life will be just a tale devoid of imagination. Colours inspire; and inspire us to see things in a different light and also in a different shade of a light. Colours reflect the infinite creativity locked in the core of human existence and gives us wings to fly high, to explore the unknown, to express our emotions and to know us better. These are the thoughts that flew through my being as I went through this beautiful project. It is indeed very inspiring to see how the children, under your command, has conquered the colours and given us new eyes to see the world around us; and thus rejuvenated and refreshed our thoughts and tastes. To conclude, all I say is that you are a Wizard doing magic with colours; and your young apprentices are as good as you making this world a better place to be by ushering in creativity and curbing the chaos of confusing emotions through expressions, both bold and beautiful. Again congratulations and I thank you for giving me this opportunity of being overwhelmed by the cascading creative colours that defines me and the world that I live in.

  7. A great initiative to bring in colors to the life of school children
    Wishing you all the best for the project

  8. A good initiative to blend creativity with today’s life. This will definitely help the 21st century generation to understand the essence of life.
    Best wishes to the team.

  9. Congratulations to Mr Anutosh Deb! Hope to see many more marvelous work, all the best in all your endeavors.

  10. Brilliant job Sir…truly impressive !!! im totally floored by the creativity and keen observation of your team under your able guidance…best wishes to all of you…keep up the good work…im sure many more will be inspired by this initiative… hats off 🙂

  11. excellent project deb sir , ART in my views is the most important and effective tools to motivates any learner , it is the art that turns a beginner to learn whatever he wants to learn. we know that when we teach alphabets or numbers to any child first time at that time child actually takes interest on their shapes then their other meaning, if we think then life is a full of arts what this project actually reflects you have also given information regarding courses, institution. and career that is really helpful but i think every types of art like engg. drawing , pithora painting, sand art ,etc should also be there to make the project more fruitful.

  12. A very good project ..
    In broader sense art the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, or a a skill at doing a specified thing (eg. the art of conversation) & enormous other things, thus Art is omnipresent around us ,unlike like air it can be seen, felt understood if one have keen eyes & interest.
    A common conception (rather i must say misconception) “what is art..? ‘chiriya banake udayo, ghoda banake ghass khilao’ ”
    Projects of this kind may come up to reduce (or hopefully eliminate) this ignorance regarding art, I m sure The colour panorama successfully achieved its aim and carrying on its purpose.
    A good initiative and efforts, nice work indeed. All the best 🙂

  13. A wonderful project, covered a vast area with aesthetic values!! I am really delighted to see such an excellent project which has given opportunity to students to improve a range of skills.Photography ,video and art are wonderfully integrated to show the numerous life events in a sensitive way.
    This project shows that for a creative teacher any subject area can be made use of for achieving his learners’ potentialities.
    And this is a great example too, for my colleagues who refuse technology for their subjects! .Congratulations MrAnutosh Deb!

  14. A beautiful project done in an artistic way! What a beautiful design and execution of the Project work! I should say that its quite true of the saying “Beauty hold in the beholder eyes! When designed by such a fine teacher , the project turns out as awesome it could be! Wish i had such a teacher during my schooling…I am happy to see the interest of students while presenting the project, its remarkable achievement. Congratulations Sir! On the whole, excellent idea, marvelous project!!!

  15. Congratulations to Mr .Anutosh Deb & students team. The project COLOR PANORAMA will always inspire the students to explore the world and appreciate the varied art and colours around them . The project is a good initiative to make one can look beyond the mechanical life locked in with gadgets and devices and step out to understand the value of art in life .Art adds flavor in one’s life.So also Art education needs to be seen as an equally important subject in Schools.
    Anutosh Deb is a teacher with difference..A multi-talented 21st century skilled teacher ,who inspires the students to do things differently.He has created a series of projects where he makes endeavor to grow students imagination and creativity .COLOR PANORAMA is the successful effort to inspire students to present their imagination and creativity in the platform of colors.Once again Congratulations to Mr.Deb and Best wishes for future endeavour. He can create many more Success stories…..

  16. I have thoroughly adored the time I spent watching this stunning work.I am sure Mr. Anutosh Deb must have enjoyed doing this immensely. I can imagine being a teacher,How much the students must have enjoyed this way of learning.If I get a chance I would love to go interdisciplinary with sir by working art and science in class together.I have done it at a small scale and I am sure with an amazing Guru there will be immense learning for the team.Sir please keep up the noble cause of involving the students in such wonderful work as more than the classes this is real education.I am stunned seeing your work and I am sure I will have many more chance to experience this pleasure in times to come. Awesome work !!! I wish you all the best in all your endeavors.

  17. Colourful, Innovative, Informative, Inspiring,……………….and simply “EXCELLENT”. It teaches all…I mean everything to everyone!

  18. Thanks, to the makers of this beautiful project for making us realise the beautifulness of art…..
    Hope this will change people’s mindset about art…

  19. Art itself says that a way to express our understanding for environment and behaviour of our social aspects and etc. So are colour expresses visually . Colour panorama is the concept I have known when gone through under the training of respected Anutosh Deb sir. It is the concept design for those students also who are not so much interested in visual arts in school ,, but they can show their talent by performing which is showing their participation. Shri Anutosh Deb sir is very active and leading our institution, . For his very creative tasks and works in the visual arts i thank him behalf of all k v members and congratulats him a lot.

  20. Let people know Art is also equal as other profession. It has also wide scopes. Let them come and stand on this platform to get a big recognition. Thanks for your colour panorama.

  21. Dear Mr. Anutosh Deb,
    Congratulations on doing such a great job on developing a project about how art plays a large part in making our lives infinitely rich and applauds to you for creating a school environment rich in art and hands-on art instruction. Where there is a school, there exists art. A fun and entertaining tool, art serves as an interactive tool for reluctant learners and young students. Further, as these students grow up, they can relate art with their dreams and desires, thereby learning a lot about their abilities and capabilities. Art is everywhere, influencing us on a daily basis, whether we realise it or not. Art learning can also improve motivation, concentration, confidence, and teamwork. Art education has been slipping due to crammed classroom curriculum and a public sense that art is lovely but not essential. We have a whole generation of teachers and parents who have not had the advantage of art in their own education. This project may send a message to schools and parents that If they’re worried about their test scores and want a way to get them higher, they need to give kids more art not less. Children interested in the Art do better on their academic tests because Art education teaches students how to interpret, criticize, and use visual information, and how to make choices based on it. Children need to know more about the world than just what they can learn through text and numbers.
    The purpose of education is to prepare children for jobs, to prepare them to be citizens and to teach them to be human beings who can enjoy the deeper forms of beauty. The third is as important as the other two.

    Thanks for teaching the students that Art is something that makes us more thoughtful and well-rounded humans.

    Congratulations once again to you and your team for such a “Fantastic Project.”

  22. This is a wonderful way of unifying the diversity as we see it all around us.. Art, in it’s own way can make so astounding an impact on the mind of people from all ages that it definitely is the best way to express more in no words 🙂
    this color panorama has never the less succeeded in proving the above statement right in so many ways.. this is a fine initiative and project to cultivate the interest for art in the minds where experimentation and curiosity is budding and even in those where long years of experience has had its presence. The name ‘Color Panorama’ is itself intriguing and the content is evidently a most interesting one.
    A song expresses a message in a good way, a dance, if is expressive enough, is a better way to express through gestures.. but Art, sans words, sans gestures, can express in the best way and that is reflected in this presentation..
    Sir, this is truly an inspiring presentation and I hope we are lucky enough to view more of your contributions in the field of Art!! 🙂

  23. I feel that colors plays a vital role in our life thats why we often say that any good moment in our life adds colors to the life.Best wishes for future endeavour and thanks for adding a color panorama in our life,this effort of yours will definately lit a light in the dark tunnel of sadness.

  24. A great teacher is one a student remembers and cherishes forever. Teachers have long-lasting impacts on the lives of their students, and the greatest teachers inspire students toward greatness. You are doing the same.
    The blog is appealing and shows how much you inspire people around you towards creativity. Your effort stands out in a crowd and is different. Keep it up.

  25. Congratulations to Mr Deb & team members!
    The Arts are an essential part of education.Art education not only enhances students’ understanding of the world around them, but also broadens their creativity in academics. It speaks ones creativity. The 21st century Learning skill is collaborative and digital.Today, we live in a technology and media-driven environment, marked by access to an abundance of information, rapid changes in technology tools and the ability to collaborate and make individual contributions on an unprecedented scale. Colour Panorama is a good project taken by the team.

  26. Dear Anutosh Deb .Its really very high spirit endeavor to bring students imagination and creativity at the platform of colors. It will provide space to students into a new world having out of stress and peer pressure.The world of colors would make children more stronger towards the balancing their emotions and create confidence to face the challenges of life and would be more stronger in life skills
    I am impressed and inspired the way you lead your students
    All the Best in future
    Chandra Prabha Chaudhri

  27. I often feel that art is more important than life itself … just living the life is done by animals too, but enjoying the life, every moment of it, can be done by virtue of an artistic outlook only. Art is as important as air and water . The flavor of art is present and should be present in every aspect of our day to day activities

  28. Congrats.
    Mr.Deb, the students are lucky in having a great inspirer like you in blossoming their creativity through art. Truly a brilliant wishes to the entire team.

  29. Very nice creative work involve in this project. Students are definitely benefited through this Art project. This project is no doubt important for All round development of each and every student. Over all, fabulous and done very planned and organized way.Students can express their creativity in the field like Art which combine of various subjects. It is the vast platform for children to express the creativity enhancement and increase enthusiasm which gives mind of happiness. Thank you.

  30. … much appreciations and pride in you and your work, Anutosh … while all art is an imitation of nature .. it works on the slogan: ROOK JAAO OO PAL, TUM SUNDAR HO !!! … please keep up your good work !

  31. Absolutely brilliant Sir. The children of KVM are very fortunate to have you as their Guru. The love for art
    will go a long way in their lives. Kudos to you and your team

  32. Art engages children’s senses in open-ended play and develops Cognitive, Social, Emotional and sensory-Motor skills. Art is a cooperative learning experience that provides pleasure, challenge, and a sense of mastery. With the many challenges our public education system faces today, combining art with academic subjects in the classroom becomes increasingly important. I am sure COLOUR PANORAMA will lead students on a discovery of the visual world through exploration of basic art principles and would sensitize the students to the variety of arts and their importance in modern society. My best wishes to my dear friend Anutosh Deb and his team and kudos for their stupendous efforts.

  33. Many people just think of doing extraordinary things but only a few people do simple things in extraordinary way…this is one of the good example of the doing simple things extraordinarily… Kudos to you and your team

  34. We never knew to look at art in this perspective. It is good to make children look beyond gadgets and devices and appreciate the colours around them.Wish you all the best sir.

  35. The whole work shows how much Mr. Anutosh Deb is dedicated towards his profession. And the students..- Loved them.

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