A picture taken in the Art room of my school

A judging session underway at the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan Regional Office Guwahati during a judging session for selecting the Best Regional entries for a National Level competition on Save Fuel Save Energy.
Seen in the picture from extreme right. Mr Nagaraju, Assistant Commissioner,
Mr.Subba, Deputy Commissioner & Mr.Saha, Art Teacher.

Environment for Art activities in school…!

School Display board…

Children view the display boards with keen interest.                                                           The display board

Art activities through ages…!

Elephanta islands caves,near Mumbai
A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Art In Our Environment

We can see art every where if we have a creative mind and a keen eye. The nature is the best example of art and it teaches us how to live life.  We should learn from the nature and when we will be able to learn from nature and understand its working type, we will be taken by ourselves to explore an artistic thing and we won’t need to find artistic and creative things. Artistic and creative things will find us. For this to happen we need to be in touch with the nature. Natural beauty is above all artistic things and one should be able to read and see those beauties. We should also take care of it as in this hectic world industries and factories are destroying the nature in one way or the other. Life is an art. There is art in everything as how we speak, how we behave, how we talk, how we walk  etc. Thus, we can come to a conclusion that art leads a significant and important role in this world. We should always take care of it.